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Pawna lake camping for family camping for couples and Group in Pawna lake

Ever imagined how a day trip will be? What plans would you work on and which places would you prefer to visit in a day time? Introducing a very eco-friendly destination Pawna lake a place to be remembered. It is in the midway between Mumbai city and Pune city. It is a perfect destination whether it is a weekend night stay or a day trip. This Lake is built on the heavenly Pawna Dam. A day trip is what everyone needs if not a night stay!

Pawna Lake: The beauty of reflection

Explore one of the beautiful ponds in the Pune district Known for its glassy still surface and colors of the spectrum that showcases water’s mesmerizing quality. Pawna Lake is one of the spectacular wonders in India best known for its crystalline colored water makes the evening sight which is breathtaking to watch. The stunning mornings make it worth staying by the pond. The reason why Pawna Lake is the most popular site is for its bluish emerald blue water which holds the beauty and its serenity.

Sometimes due to the sunrays, the shade of this lake turns to turquoise which makes the wanderers or travelers think they have landed in a blissful paradise. With its crystal clear water, it’s a perfect place to capture a dozen of beautiful photographs. On a clear day, one can see various mountain terrain reflected perfectly in the crystal clear Pond’s water.

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