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pawna lake camping

Wondering when to commence your trip to Pawna Lake? Then don’t forget to visit the scenic place just after the monsoon season. Filled with historical sights and amazing sceneries, the sight is a paradise to all nature enthusiasts. However, the place becomes even more beautiful after the last rain that helps clear the surroundings, ensuring a cool enough atmosphere for long hours of travel.

The skies stay clear, with no or very little chance of rain, hence allowing travelers to enjoy their time outdoors. You can opt to go on long rides with your friends or enjoy quality time alone, all while basking in the peaceful and lush-filled greenery.

What makes the after-monsoon period the best time to visit Pawna Lake?

Located amidst the bustling city of Pune, the climatic conditions in Pawna lake stay pretty hot during the whole year. But it is only during and after the showers when individuals can actually come out and have a memorable time at the lake.

Similarly, open to travelers all around the clock for 12 months, visiting the place at this time not only helps fill up your ever-so-curious traveling thirst, but also offers a chance at much more enjoyable sports. Starting from trekking the hills to camping under the starlit sky, there is a lot to do at Pawna Lake. You can also indulge in photoshoots with your group, as the place has one of the best landscapes in the area.

Given these advantages, the trend for Pawna lake camping for couples is also gradually gaining momentum. More and more lovey-dovey pairs are preferring the place, thanks to the quiet and serene environment, that is best suitable for anyone looking for some quality time together. From enjoying the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise to luxuriating in each other’s warmth during the night, opportunities are endless here.

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