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Pawan Lake Camping@500 Book Camping In Lonavla

Pawna lake is famous for its beautiful location. The lake water comes from the rain. There are no other sources, which means that the water is sweet and clear. Hence, making it one of the cleanest and clearest reservoirs in India. A unique site that gives a spark to the environment. It is a home for an amazing ecosystem which makes the place worth staying. On a moonless night, stars illuminate the lake and at night during a full moon. The moon reflects in the water that captures the beauty of nature. A natural bliss is what holidayers wish to explore. It is best known for its beauty and thrilling experience. Camping at Pawna Lake combines facilities, comfort, and convenience. It is a hopping getaway for soul mates, friends, and families. We are working at Pawna lake camping since 2017. We have set camp at one of the prime spots in Pawna lake. From here, the sunset view is most beautiful. We are providing cabs, paragliding, and many adventure activities. We focus on quality and safety while all outdoor activities

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