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Monsoon Lake Camping Pawna Lake view Tent Camping weekend enjoy family members near me lonavala best

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The sheets of stars, the fun of the fire, and the company of friends, what more do you want in life...We were going to Pawna Lake to experience something like this.We left home early on Saturday morning because we live in Mumbai. We traveled by car or bike. After reaching Lonavla, our camping place was a bit far. So we proceeded with a visit to Pawna Lake. We had tents on the other side of the lake.

Freshened up, we get some breakfast. Sitting in front of the lake, the taste of tea was amazing. Other activities also available at the camp location like cricket, football, carom, etc. But we were enjoying nature, because we wanted to see the sunset. The sunset always brings back a lot of memories and it's hard for us to stop ourselves from getting lost in it.After a while it got dark, the tents were set up. Such comfortable surrounding and awesome environment. The sky was clear with shiny stars twinkling, different atmosphere that city. The songs were sung as entertainment. We all had a good time and other people were having fun also. After so much dancing, of course, the hunger was strong.Initially BBQ was provided Pawna Lake view Tent saty is cooked in the oven with meat masala. After that we ate Varan, rice, bread, chicken.After having a good dinner, a campfire was set and then a concert of songs started. All was happening under the open sky. After a while, we all went to bed in the tent. After a long time we went to the tent and slept very deeply and carefree.

We got sleepy as soon as we go to bed, because of tired of travelling, we got up early and went out of the tent to watch the sunrise. This is the magic of nature, fatigue disappears in any unpleasant moment.We started our return journey with morning tea and breakfast that was arranged bypawna Lake Camping

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